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Newplan IT Consulting

At Newplan IT, we believe in IT that is reliable, service that is incredible, and costs that are predictable. We offer 24/7 IT support for a fixed price without overages. Schedule a consultation online or call 212.580.8400. We'll answer.

Our Services

Our Services

IT is like plumbing. Sometimes you are installing new pipes and sometimes fixing leaky ones, Either way, we've got you covered.

Cloud Solutions

Tired of paying for hardware that is obsolete minutes after you unbox it. We will help you pick the right cloud solution.

Managed IT Services

Stressed about backup, hacking, etc. Why? Are you an IT company? Let us worry and you can do the work you do best.

Disaster Recovery

Floods happen, Hackers too. With proper backup, virtualized systems and a plan, we can get you working again quickly.


Need help understanding MS Office? Have an end-user who clicks every link in every email? We have experience teaching how to use IT productively and safely

Network Solutions

What ISP should you choose? What firewall? Who is keeping an eye on your systems? We can will help you choose and then make sure it keeps working.

Virtual CIO

Whether budgeting for next year or implementing new technologies, we can help you use technology to make your business more productive. 

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