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IT Services

Almost all businesses rely on IT in the 21st century. Whether email, the web, financial software or data storage, IT needs to work in order for us to work.

Newplan implements reliable and well understood technology wherever possible in order to keep downtime as low as possible. We believe it is better to have 90 percent of the functionality 99 percent of the time than to have 100 percent functionality 90 percent of the time. We are a boutique IT company and can use any solution our clients want, but generally we will choose the most reliable services, software and hardware we can find.

Still, things break. When that does happen, we will respond quickly. In an emergency, we will be working on the problem in less than an hour. What is an emergency? It is whatever our clients say it is. Some offices can tolerate a desktop being unusable for a day or two, others can't. We pride ourselves on getting to work quickly when the need arises and getting our clients back to work. It is why we have happy clients for over twenty years.

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